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Good relationship? Bad relationship? Don’t Guess.


Who We Are.

Welcome to Karmascore, the app designed to help you build healthier, stronger, and more engaging relationships! Karmascore acts as a digital journal, for your eyes only, for all types of relationships. Let Karmascore help guide you in making healthy relationship decisions!


Your Relationships are unique to you! You can create personalized Relationships and Relationship Types to best describe each person in your life.


Keep a Journal

With our Add a Memory feature, you can post images and content, keep track of spending, and rate your experience!

Rate your Experience

We gather our data to calculate your Karmascores from your ratings of the Memories you shared with others.

Track Spending

We know how much finances can influence the health of any relationship. That’s why we allow users to track the spending of their relationships, from both parties.

View Trends

Much like a credit score, our algorithm will create a “Karmascore” for each of your Relationships and their overall health.


For your Eyes Only

We care about your privacy! That’s why Karmascore will act as a personal journal for your eyes only rather than as a social media account

Relationships that Matter

At Karmascore, we believe that everyone can aim to build better relationships in their lives. Our team is devoted to helping people cultivate a healthier social life, and we know that during these trying times maintaining any relationship can be a struggle – let Karmascore help.

Get to know us, and Karmascore better!