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Good Relationship? Bad Relationship? Don’t Guess.


Who We Are

Welcome to Karmascore, the app designed to help you build healthier, stronger, and more engaging relationships! Karmascore acts like a credit score for your relationships, whether that be family, friends, partners, or employees. Let Karmascore help guide you in your relationship goals.


Create personalized Relationships and Relationship Types for each person in your life, whether that be a business partner or a spouse!

Keep a Journal

With our Add a Memory feature, you can post images and content, keep track of spending, and even share to your social media!

Rate Your Experience

For each memory, you rate the positivity on a scale of 100 to -100. Over time, these numbers will determine that person’s Karmascore!

Track Spending

We know how much finances can influence any relationship. That’s why we allow users to track financial expenses in their relationships!

View Trends

View the Karmascore of each relationship over time, and customize what specific types of trends you want to focus on.

For your Eyes Only

We care about your privacy! That’s why Karmascore will provide a variety of security features, and is designed to be for your eyes only!